Welcome to the Sarah Churchill Beauty Studio! I’m a 34 year old Creative (there’s no other words to describe the last 33 years of me) living in the South Wales valleys, on a journey to make the world colourful, kind and kick-ass.

My mission is to help as many women as I can to feel confident, fearless and give no sh*ts what anyone else thinks of them. Makeup can be a powerful form of expression, a way to enhance your favourite bits and maybe hide some of the less favourite, but it’s always about bringing out the beauty that’s inside, and letting my clients know how damn kick-ass they really are.


I currently offer a range of services; everything from makeup to lash lifts and brow shaping.

For a full list of services and my latest pricing please take a look at my Facebook Page, which always has the most up-to-date info, client before-and-afters and anything else you might need. Feel free to message me there if you have questions, or email me directly at the address at the top of this page.

Reader, ReviewerBOOKTUBER

Totally unrelated to beauty, but still a very big part of my life, is ‘Booktubing’. Since 2013 I’ve been reading and reviewing books for major publishers in both the UK and US, mainly through videos on YouTube. I work alongside publicists on campaigns and events for major book launches, as well as appearing as a panel member and chair at a number of BookTube and Literature focused events.

Through this platform I’ve had incredible experiences; I’ve met Tim Burton, interviewed countless authors and celebrities, hung out backstage with Caitlin Moran (and on-stage for sound checks!), chatted on panels in front of hundreds of people and even signed the odd autograph! I’m very grateful for the opportunities my channel has brought me, which is why I had to mention it here.

I’m also host of the annual #AntiBullyReads readathon to raise awareness of Anti Bullying Week, a message very, very close to my heart. I’m hoping to work closely with a UK charity to make this bigger and better every year.